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Appraisal Services

A prompt and accurate appraisal is your best defense

Why is a professional appraisal so important?

A prompt and accurate appraisal can be invaluable when documenting a claim with potential for exaggerated or fraudulent damages. It is important to note that a body shop estimate rarely uncovers fraudulent activity. They simply do not look for it.

Direct Repair Program (DRP)

Carriers that use a DRP program might save money in adjusting expenses but often pay more in exposures because, without supervision, body shops can write damages that are unrelated to the loss. We can provide re-inspections and estimate auditing services to help hold body shops accountable.

Our network of experienced appraisers are well qualified and will help you do document your claim. We won’t let you down.

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Diminished Value

We are expert witnesses in Diminished Value and can properly appraise diminished value and loss of use.

Auto/Light Truck Appraisal

We provide prompt and professional appraisal services to our clients. We confirm that the damages are consistent with the facts of loss by photographing and documenting the damages with high resolution images.

We are respected in the body shop industry and hold body shops accountable.

Heavy and Medium Duty Appraisal

We use Mitchell Heavy Duty and Medium Duty labor books in order to provide accurate estimates for damages to tractors and trailers.

Supplement Process

We explain the supplement process with body shops and expect prior written approval with the necessary documentation (photos and invoices) in order for a supplement to be paid.

Heavy Equipment 

We can provide accurate appraisals with documented parts and labor. Often this includes researching aftermarket or used parts and holding the repair facilities accountable.

RV, Trailer, Boat Appraisals 

We are experts in specialty appraisals, using proper labor rates and part prices that conform to standards. We do the research so you don’t have to!

Motorcycle Appraisal

We have access to parts databases and will provide a professional inspection and accurate estimate for repairs to motorcycles, scooters, ATV’s, cruisers, etc.

Exotics and Specialty Vehicles

We are respected in the exotic and specialty vehicle field and will make sure the costs for repairs are accurate and within reason.

Mechanical Failure

We have access to fluid testing and will walk you through a mechanical failure claim.

Forensic Inspections (SIU) 

We provide detailed inspections to assist in determining the extent of damages to any vehicle. We provide measured photos and can document Unrelated Prior Damage or “UPD”.

Washington State Vehicle/Vessel Inquiry (IVIPS)

Also known as the “IVIPS” program. We have access to the Washington State Department of Licensing database and can confirm the ownership of any registered vehicle or vessel by searching by license plate, registration number, VIN or HIN. This is important in identifying the legal registered owner of a vehicle involved in an accident.
We will provide an accurate Actual Cash Value (ACV) for vehicles that were totaled in an accident. This includes proper reporting of a total loss to the responsible regulatory authorities.

Need Appraisal Services?

A prompt and accurate appraisal is your best defense.