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SIU Services

Trained to investigate fraudulent and staged accidents.

How can MAS help you fight fraud?

MAS means more to you. MAS Solutions has investigators who are trained to investigate fraudulent and staged accidents. Our team is experienced in tracking down and interviewing parties who are suspected in participating colluded losses.

Our investigators are trained to detect signs of deception and have the ability to interview parties and help them end their involvement in the claim in an amicable manner.

Our network of experienced appraisers are well qualified and will help you do document your claim. We won’t let you down.

Assign a Claim Now


We are trained in advance interview and interrogation techniques which allow us to detect deception.


Our investigators are experienced with assisting insureds and claimants in confessing their involvement in fraudulent, or staged, accidents.

Claim Withdrawal

We have assisted many claimants in withdrawing their staged or fraudulent claims.

Skip Tracing/Witness Location

We subscribe to several national databases and can have a local adjuster locate or interview your witness anywhere in the country, saving time and money overflying an attorney or investigator, who lacks local knowledge, across the country.

Social Media Research

We have access to many search algorithms that will allow us to provide a comprehensive social media background check on your witness or claimant.

Background & Criminal Record Checks

Through an extensive array of databases, we can provide you with a detailed background check on persons of interest. Forewarned is forearmed.

Witness Canvas

Even long after the fact, our experienced investigators can identify key witnesses that will testify to what actually occurred. As you well know, there is an enormous difference between going into a deposition armed with all the facts versus learning them as the deposition unfolds. Let us arm you with the facts – good or bad.

Witness Statements

We can secure witness statements in whatever form needed: written, voice-recorded (mp3), and/or video.

Need SIU Services?

Trained to investigate fraudulent and staged accidents.